That Time I Started a Blog

So, I started this blog about a month ago and have been totally slacking on getting it together. Between the crazy at work and the chaos that is my life, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and really hash things out. So tonight, I decided to break that trend and get moving.

If you know me personally, you know that my life and family are totally tv sitcom worthy. If you don’t know me personally, get ready because you’re about to be clued into why I will need years of therapy. The first thing you should know, is that my family categorizes and remembers life events in ‘episodes’ or ‘chapters.’ They are all random and in no particular order, but they just make sense to us. Life with us is ALWAYS an adventure and we are constantly laughing. I am a firm believer in laughing at yourself and never taking yourself or life too seriously- where is the fun in that? We are the type of family that inherently laughs before asking if you are ok when something happens. My poor mom does not find most of these situations nearly as funny as the rest of us, but all be damned if she isn’t a good sport about it.

I get my sick and twisted sense of humor mostly from my dad. I like to think that he had to detach and find the humor in situations as he was in law enforcement, but I think it’s safer to say it just runs in the Harmon family. I’m a Harmon by default and never imagined a life where I wasn’t one, alas once I got married last year, I decided to change my name. Though, once a Harmon, always a Harmon we say. You can tell because we all have the same contagious laugh and are probably hyperventilating over something totally stupid and “not even funny”- {the Suz}.

‘The Suz’ is my mom. I honestly can’t even remember why I started referring to her as that {I mean aside from the fact that her name is Susie} but at some point I did and it just stuck. Now all of my friends call her that and I think truly she finds it endearing. As far as moms go, she’s pretty badass. She’s pretty much my best friend (don’t tell my husband) and I think that’s why I get away with as much as I do in terms of annoying her. I’m sure she’ll read this and I’ll hear about it later.

Anyway, if you’ve hung in this long you’re the best, and I appreciate you.

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  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed until I’ve cried in your house! I can’t wait to see how you write about everything……you are an amazing story teller!

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