Untamed Melodies

So, let’s talk for a second about my girl Melanie. A few months ago, she took the plunge and started her own blog, Untamed Melodies and having taken some graduate courses with her I just KNEW her her blog was going to be fantastic and couldn’t wait to start reading. Big shocker, it IS amazing and I love following her and all her beauty tips and funny stories. She’s actually the real reason I decided to start my own blogging journey. It’s always been in the back of my mind and seeing her have the courage to just go for it was super motivating. Sometimes that’s all it takes- one person in your corner, cheering you on and giving you that boost of confidence you need. She’s the real MVP for all of the late night “omg, how did you get this to work” texts and the constant g-chats about trying to set up my site. She’s been a real rockstar, and while I am sure she would brush it off and tell me she was “just being nice” she should really take the credit that is due here.

More importantly however, she’s also the reason I have nice skin and have achieved the ultimate eyelash goals. The #1 question I always asked her was about her eyes. Peep the photo below for this chicks eyelashes, which I was convinced were fake.

Turns out, she just uses some awesome mascara. Like the true follower I am, I bought ALL of the suggestions she gave on that beauty blog and girlfriend did NOT disappoint. Coming off of my mascara high, I was giddy with excitement when I saw another Beauty Talk blog about the products she just can’t live without… and of COURSE I bought those too. And don’t even get me started on my first stitchfix order…

While I wasn’t a huge fan of all my stitchfix goodies, it was a fun thing to try and I did decide to keep on pair of pants. If I didn’t already have a huge addiction to zulily, I’d have probably splurged and gotten a few more boxes, but decided I’m all about the quantity, and I can get more bang for my buck elsewhere. Melanie however loves stitchfix and totally keeps like everything in her box all the time. I’ve seen some of the clothes they send her and am always jealous at the cute stuff she gets! If you want to get her some points and get your first box cheap, you can use her referral code here.

We joke that my husband is going to block her website from my computer and cut me off if I keep buying everything she is suggesting, but how can I NOT indulge when all of the stuff is so awesome and useful! My eyelashes have honestly never been happier.

Everyone should stop what they are doing and go stalk her blog immediately.

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  1. Thank you so much for this feature. <3 It means the world to me that I inspired you to start this blog. I'm loving it so much already! Stay tuned for your upcoming feature on my blog. :-*

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