Monat Journey

I jumped on the Monat bandwagon about 3 months ago and to say I am impressed with results is an understatement. As someone with both baby fine and thin hair, I’m always up for trying new things that promise to strengthen my hair and give it some more life and body. I’ll be honest – the samples I tried did NOT impress me, but what DID impress me was all of the amazing reviews and testimonials and my girl Amanda’s customer service. So, with a margarita in one hand and my Amazon card in the other, I signed up for the VIP membership ($20 and it gets you free shipping- DUH) and set up my first few subscription orders.


For those of you now looking at Amanda’s awesome FB page and thinking “please tell me you did not spend $200 on shampoo”… fear not, it was actually only $168 {whoopsies} What can I say, I’m a sucker for trying new things and apparently money is no object after 10pm.

Amanda helped me with my hair goals and made some awesome suggestions. They have some awesome monthly promotions, and I signed up to get two systems and some added extras. Was it expensive, yes. Did I cringe a little hitting that “confirm purchase” button, absolutely.

The first thing you should know about this product is that it’s highly concentrated, so you ONLY need a teeny bit for each use. I was skeptical about this, but so far I’ve been able to follow the recommended usage and it’s lasting a long ass time. Secondly, some of the bottles are designed with a locking top. I stumbled upon this youtube video of how you’re ‘actually’ supposed to use the products like this and HOLY COW, MIND. BLOWN. Highly recommend checking out the video below if you’re going to make a purchase, because this shit will literally save your wallet.

At this point, I probably have enough products to be my own consultant, but for now I will stick to just stocking up on repair treatments and let people tell me how amazing my hair looks. Because really, what girl doesn’t like to hear that? If I was smarter, I’d have taken some before and after photos of my hair but I can assure you that other people are even noticing a difference in how healthy and amazing my hair looks.

They have some awesome promotions going on now along with their holiday collection. I am going to try to stock up on the travel collection so that I can take Monat with me on all my vacations, sparse as they may be.

Have any of you tried Monat? If you need more convincing, Melanie of Untamed Melodies just discovered Monat this month and totes gets the hype now.  Questions? ASK! I’d love to hear if you love Monat or any of the other hair products you swear by.

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