Husband Meets the Family

Today’s blog is dedicated to my awesome husband. He tried to tell me that I wasn’t allowed to tell stories about him but of course we compromised so here we are. Isn’t that the way a good marriage works? Compromise? We both give our input and then do what I want to do? Well, it works for us. I had to gently explain to him that if he wanted to be married to a blogger, he’d have to get used to some of the stories being about him. Maybe he won’t read this and will never know… who knows.

So, in early 2014 my now husband and I went on our first date. Fast forward a few months, things are going really well with us and I get this awesome promotion at work. My family decided we should all go out to dinner to celebrate and I thought that this setting would be a great opportunity for Rich to meet the family.

So, we get to Houlihans for dinner {obvi for the celebratory blueberry martinis} and Rich is early and waiting for us. My loud and crazy family arrives and we all go in to sit down. Rich and I sit on the outside of the booth (the chairs) and Nick and Ash sit next to each other as well. You’d think that the seating arrangements wouldn’t be an important factor to the story, but just you hang tight. Happy hour is going to be over soon and we’re all starving, but we’re also all catching up and gossiping. Dad tries to ask us like 20 times what we want to drink and as an appetizer, but people keep talking over him and eventually he just told the waiter to bring everyone two drinks to get happy hour prices. It was going to be one of THOSE nights.

Dinner was uneventful. Fun, but nothing of note happened at dinner. It’s what happened after dinner that literally has me hysterical laughing every time we tell this story {which would be never if it were up to my husband}.

Now, I should add a disclaimer here, that up until this point, Rich knew about my parents, my brother, my sister and their kid Allie. By this time, Ashley 2 (yes, yes, my brother married an Ashley) was basically like a real sister and so when speaking about her I didn’t really say ‘sister in law’ unless someone asked. My assumption was anyone who was unsure would ask on the premise of why would sisters have the same name?

I was wrong, by the way. Not everyone asks.

Rich and I get into the car after dinner and he looks mentally and emotionally drained. I mean, I get it bro, Harmons’ are a little bit wild crazy, but was it really THAT exhausting? Rich was pretty quiet during dinner, which wasn’t surprising since he’s a generally quiet dude, or was before me. So I start to ask him what he thinks of my family. And he wanted me to first and foremost know, that he likes the fact that my parents, especially my dad is so open and accepting of Nick and Ashley. I’m thinking, “well, yea.. I mean that’s his grandkids parents.” What I did not realize, was that all this time throughout dinner, hell, throughout our first few months of dating, Rich thought Ashley was my blood sister. Yes folks, that’s right. He not only thought that my parents named TWO kids Ashley Harmon, but … wait for it…he also thought that my actual brother and sister got married and had a baby. And that my family was just very modern and accepting.

Bless this man’s heart y’all he thought we were some weird ass family where brothers and sisters just make babies and live like normal people, and this man STILL WANTED TO DATE ME. I don’t know if that says more about me or about him, but damn did that not make for one of the best stories.

Note: My parents actually accidentally met rich at my house one night when I left him there sick to go to a party. He got to my house so we could go to my friends house for a party, and he didn’t feel good. And like the true excellent girlfriend I am, I said “well… that’s a bummer, I’m still going. You’re welcome to crash here and take a nap we can watch a movie when I get back” What I failed to remember was that I also told my parents that since I’d be out for the night, they could stop by (using their key) to get something out of my house. They heard someone in the house that wasn’t me and panicked, rich heard someone that wasn’t me and panicked… shit got real. I felt sort of bad that it was literally 100% my fault, but also not so much because I was drinking at a party and not home experiencing that awkward moment! WHOOPSIES!

Sorry babe, thanks for still marrying me.

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