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Hey Hey blog people!

The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind of a time. I decided in early October that I was going to take a few weeks off of work for me. Prepped with my paperwork, I set forth on getting approved for FMLA, for basically, my mental stability. To say work was overwhelming and stressful was an understatement and I just felt like I needed a break. Armed with my approval, I made BIG plans. I was planning on joining a gym and paying for a personal trainer for 4-8 weeks. I had a list of at least one thing to clean or organize in our home every day. And I planned on meal prepping and cooking every evening so we could save on some money and eat healthier.

And then life happened.

My LAST day at work, Friday October 12, I powered through what I assumed was a kidney stone to get some final shit taken care of at work. We had an out of town wedding that night and I was gearing up to leave in a few hours. However, by lunchtime I was texting my boss letting him know that my husband was instead taking me to the emergency room for my pain. Shocker, it was kidney stones. As I write this, all I can picture is the friends episode where Joey gets kidney stones and keeps trying to see if it could be anything else. NOPE, kidney stones.

I stuck around the hospital for a few hours, on amazing pain killers, and then went home, of course, missing the wedding. By Sunday, I was back in the hospital in the morning, sent home with some more powerful meds, and subsequently back in the hospital by dinner time, where I stayed until Tuesday morning. I had emergency surgery Monday night to place a stent and see what they could do, and then spend all week with the stent in. Now, if you’ve never had a kidney stone, consider yourself lucky. If you’ve never had a stent, consider yourself LUCKIER. That thing is by far the worst part. And not only did I have it for a week from emergency surgery, but I then had to go in for scheduled surgery the following Monday where they removed the kidney stones but placed another stent for a week.

Not only was I super blah because of the pain, but that was two weeks… TWO WEEKS Y’ALL of my leave that I did not get to do any of the things I had planned. There was no gym or trainer. There was no home cooked meals (unless you count grilled cheese or mashed potatoes). There was no cleaning or organizing. It felt like I had just totally wasted two weeks of my life to this stupid surgery that was not planned, but I guess in hindsight came at a good time since I was already on leave from work. That’s really the only silver lining, if I had to find one.

Long story short, I’m back. Immersing myself in loads of homework and blog writing while trying to get my life together and take some time to work on ME. That was the whole point of the break from reality (which is really what it is). Time for me to focus on my physical and mental and emotional health and stability, time for me to “do me” so to speak. So often we forget to take time for ourselves or take care of ourselves. I have lived for so long by that “I can do this tomorrow” or “I’ll start this after vacation” mantra, that I’ve let so many things slip through the cracks and slide on by. I needed this time for me, and while I may have ended up shortening the time by a few weeks, I still have 5 weeks left to meet my goals. Hopefully this break will give me a chance to write more and focus on what I want out of life and how to maintain my happiness and life a little more stress free. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out of this break totally refreshed and ready to take on the world. Only time will tell…

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