Black Friday Shopping

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can only think of two things: FOOD and SHOPPING. Yes, yes, I get it- Thanksgiving is about being thankful and grateful and spending time with your family, blah blah blah. I’ve heard it all. People who complain about working on Thanksgiving, working Black Friday… and I hear ya, I really do. But there is just something about eating 10 pounds of food and then finding door-buster sales that makes me giddy, what can I say.

Now, I wasn’t always like this. Years ago, when I was younger and before my brother and I got married, we did family dinner. We would pick a place and all gather and watch the parade, stuff our faces and then nap or play games. But as we grew up and family members moved away things changed. My brother got married, and had another family to celebrate with. So, with that my parents and I started a tradition of going out to dinner on Thanksgiving. Cook a turkey for 3 people? HARD PASS. Clean the house for no one? GOD NO. Who wants do to all that work for 3 people? So, now that my husband and I are in West Virginia, we continue to do Thanksgiving Harmon style, and get our grub on at some delish restaurant where we can eat and eat… and eat, without having to clean or do dishes. It’s a win win really. And since I was in my 20’s my dad has played ‘wheel-man” for me and my mom. We all go get hot cocoa and hit the stores. Dad drops us off and waits somewhere for us to call and say “Ok, come back to get us” and we go on to the next store. It’s the perfect arrangement. Dad doesn’t have to shop- ie- can nap in the car, and mom and I don’t have to fight for a parking space.

But even with the family changes and restaurant outings, my “Black Friday Shopping” tradition and routine has never altered. Every Thanksgiving, I make my husband personally go get the Thursday newspaper.  I’m talking, black and white, at the 7-11 in a big stack PAPER. I carefully take out all of the ads and arrange them by stores I like best. Obviously, the big pile gets things like Walmart, Target, Kohl’s & JCP. And then I hang onto Home Depot, Lowe’s, Macy’s, etc for the ‘just in case’. And I sit with my PEN & PAPER, old school style, and go through every. single. page. I write down all of the things that I am interested in for myself or others and the price. (this way I know if it’s cheaper elsewhere). Yes, I realize all of the adds are already online, and I can shop now… but where is the fun in that? I still like to print documents out and write on them. I still like to take notes on a pad of paper instead of my laptop. I still buy text books and highlight passages that are important. Yes, technology is fantastic and I’m probably way too addicted to my iPad. But I stand firm when it comes to old school notes.

So, this Thanksgiving Thursday, you can find me with Rich & my parents at Brewer’s Alley in Frederick, MD… at the buffet… eating shrimp and mac & cheese and stuffing and pie. And then you can find my husband, bless his soul, taking on the role of wheel-man for me and mom as we hit the Thanksgiving sales & head back to West Virginia. Dad is getting a little reprieve this year and going home. And then Saturday, we will all meet back in Frederick with Nick, Ash & the kiddos to have Thanksgiving 2.0, Red Robin style. Because ultimately, Thanksgiving IS all about family, and being thankful that I have this crazy crew in my life. I hope everyone else has a fabulous Thanksgiving, eats lots of delicious food and gets in some shopping- if that’s your thing.

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