So What IS KickinitKowalski?

I decided to start a blog because for years I’ve been saying “oh my gosh! I should write down all these stories somewhere!” and sure, you might be thinking “yea, but only you’d think they are funny”… and you might be right. But I’ve also had enough people tell me I should be writing them down, or more importantly (but not yet happening) have someone follow my family around with a video camera at all times and/or strap a gopro to my mom (the Suz) and let her loose!

I also recently started eating healthier and went on the Keto diet. It’s similar to the old school Atkins diet- low carb, low sugar, high proteins and good fats. Basically, it’s a lot of cheese and meat and eggs and not a lot of Oreos and Beer. In order to keep myself honest on this journey, I’ll be blogging about it and sharing my all time fav Keto recipes.