Keto Lifestyle

So, here it is the new year and everyone has your typical “I’m going to eat healthier and lose weight” goals. And let me be the first to jump on that bandwagon, because y’all, it’s gotten real serious over here. I have officially hit my highest weight in my life and it is time to make some changes. After lots of research I decided that the best option for my appetite and body type was to try out the Keto diet. Basically, you cut out most sugars, eat minimal carbs, binge on protein and stuff your face with the good fats (which is apparently a thing- who knew?).

My friend April and I, who are going on a cruise (my first ever!) to the Bahamas & Grand Turk, decided that we needed to be able to purchase new swimsuits and cute sun dresses. So together, we are now on this journey of healthy eating and weight loss and I gotta be honest, I’m glad to have someone else to complain to who appreciates it when I whine about not being able to drink wine and eat cake icing from the container. This is real life guys. REAL LIFE.

So, let’s all take a second to have a moment of silence for my sanity and sweet tooth… and get this Keto party started!